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Alto Saxophone Essentials

Whether a student is just beginning their musical journey or building upon years of experience, every player deserves a clear path to musical success. D'Addario Woodwinds essentials come out of the box ready to be played. With unmatched quality and consistency, our products help woodwind students attain peaceful, prepared performance, every step of the way.


The best beginner reeds on the market. 


As you’re improving, we’ve got reeds to match.


Reeds used by some of the world’s top woodwinds artists. 

Recommended Accessories

This is the gear we’d recommend for anyone who is starting out and looking for the best way to play, maintain, and love their instrument.

How To Assemble a Saxophone

Part of keeping your instrument playing beautifully is assembling it properly. Whether you’re a new player or you just want to brush up on the correct procedure, these resources will help make your instrument assembly a model of efficiency.

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