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Banjo Strings

D’Addario has a wide range of banjo string options to please every banjo player. Choose from stainless steel, nickel-plated steel, and phosphor bronze string alloys, across the most popular gauges. We also have XT coated banjo strings for players who want to avoid changing strings a bit longer.

How to Choose Banjo Strings

A great way to choose banjo strings is by tone. Stainless Steel banjo strings provide a super bright tone with excellent projection. Nickel-Plated Steel banjo strings have clear fundamentals and hold precise intonation. Phosphor Bronze banjo strings will give you a warm and balanced sound. You can also extend the life of your strings with XT coated banjo strings.

How Many Strings Does a Banjo Have? 

Banjos most commonly have 5 strings, though you can also find 4-and 6-string banjos. 


What are the Strings on a Banjo? 

The strings on a standard 5-string banjo are G, D, G, B, D, going from the 5th string down to the 1st. This tuning is known as Open G because the notes of the open strings create a G chord. 


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