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Drum Practice Pads & Stands

EVANS RealFeel drum practice pads are the industry’s leading practice pad, chosen by student and professional drummers alike. With our drum practice pads, drummers can keep their skills sharp even when they’re away from the set.

How to Choose a Drum Practice Pad 

With EVANS RealFeel, choosing a drum practice pad is easy. All EVANS practice pads are built strong with responsive gum rubber, so all you need to do is decide whether you want a single- or double-sided pad, choose your size, and that’s it—realistic practice is at your fingertips.  

How to Use a Drum Pad

To use a drum pad, hit your sticks against the rubber surface of the pad as if it were a drum. You can envision the drum as a snare, tom, or any other percussion instrument you like. With EVANS RealFeel, you can also use the Apprentice Pad Stand to secure the pad at the position and height of your choosing, so practicing on a drum pad is even easier. 


Why Do Drummers Use Practice Pads?

Drummers use practice pads so they can improve their technique and timing in places where they could not normally play a drum. The gum rubber surface creates a realistic response, yet with virtually no sound—and RealFeel pads are so compact, you can take them anywhere. 


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